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Microcurrent Facelift

Nails & Beauty by Eva offer Microcurrent Facelift services.

Microcurrent Facelifts apply a low frequency/intensity current to the facial tissues. This will lift, stimulate and tone the muscles and skin


Contact Eva for a no-obligation demonstration to see and feel the benefits these services offer.

Microcurrent Face Lift


Microcurrent is known to be the most effective non-surgical method to take years off the face.


Microcurrent treatment helps stimulate circulation, stimulates collagen production and increases the skins ability to store moisture. Regenerates and lifts the skin and muscles. Refines deep lines and wrinkles. Makes the skin fresher, clearer and smoother.

Microcurrent Face Lift                                    

1 Session $110 (60 Min) Includes facial treatment     

2 Session $180

3 Session $270

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